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world+championship+wrestlingWCW Wrestling (a.k.a. World Championship Wrestling) is a wrestling video game that was released in March 1990 for the Nintendo Leisure System. Ayumi has also held the Dramatic Dream Crew Ironman Heavymetalweight Championship twice, the NEO Singles Championship, the NEO Tag Crew Championship (with Yoshiko Tamura), the NWA Pacific Girls’s Championship, the Professional Wrestling Wave POK Championship and the Wave Tag Team Championship (with Kana), the Shimmer Girls Athletes Shimmer Tag Crew Championship (with Ayako Hamada) and the Xtreme Latin American Wrestling X-LEGISLATION Girls Extreme Championship.

She held many championships during her career including thr All Japan Women’s Professional-Wrestling (AJW) Championship, the AJW Junior Championship, the WWWA World Heavyweight Wrestling Champion (twice), the WWWA World Tag Workforce Wrestling Champion (with Jumbo Hori), the AWF World Ladies’s Wrestling Championship, the TWF World Ladies’s Wrestling Championship anfd the TWF World Girls’s Tag Group Wrestling Champion (with Yuko Kosugi).

Nonetheless, the fact that David Arquette and Vince Russo are former world champions reveals that it isn’t always the most gifted individuals who obtain the opportunity—especially when you consider that legendary stars, together with Curt Henning and Scott Corridor, never captured a world title during massively profitable careers.

Between the buying of several NWA territories, World Class Championship Wrestling in Texas leaving the NWA 12 in 1986 (and later merging with Jerry Jarrett ‘s Championship Wrestling Alliance in Memphis to create the United States Wrestling Affiliation brand), 13 and the as soon as extremely viable Pacific Northwest territory, as it had been identified, closing in 1992, WCW was the last bastion of the NWA, and the final member with nationwide television exposure.

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